Patterns of oviducal motility in the cow during the oestrous cycle

in Reproduction
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Summary. Microtransducers sensitive to changes in internal diameter were chronically implanted in the oviducts of 5 dairy cows. Motility patterns were recorded throughout 9 oestrous cycles. Cyclic variations in patterns of motility were observed and compared with circulating concentrations of plasma progesterone. Luteal-phase motility patterns were of low amplitude and frequency. The frequency and amplitude of motility increased 3–5 days before behavioural oestrus. This activity consisted primarily of longitudinal muscle contractions, with an interspacing of circular muscle activity occurring during oestrus. Patterns of activity after oestrus were similar to those before oestrus, with activity decreasing 3–5 days after oestrus. Transducers implanted bilaterally in 2 animals permitted observation of asynchronous patterns between right and left oviducts. Preliminary data suggested a higher level pf activity in the oviduct ipsilateral to the active ovary. These variations may be due to a local effect, possibly mediated by the functional ovary or the ovum.

Keywords: oviduct; motility; oestrous cycle; progesterone; cow


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