Viable spermatozoa in the bladder after electroejaculation of lion-tailed macaques (Macaca silenus)

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Summary. The bladder of 6 lion-tailed macaques was emptied and flushed with sterile saline. TALP-Hepes buffer was infused and the animals were electroejaculated. After electroejaculation, the semen quality was determined in the ejaculate and the bladder infusate. Of the 15 ejaculates analysed, a mean (±s.e.m.) sperm count of 133·8(±30·7) × 106 with 69·5 (± 6·0)% motility was obtained in the infusate as compared to the sperm count of 72·4 (±38·6) × 106 with significantly lower (47·7 ± 5·8%) motility in the ejaculate.

Keywords: macaque; retroejaculation; ejaculation; sperm viability

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