Immunohistochemical localization of chorionic gonadotrophin on baboon placenta, dispersed trophoblast cells and those derived from blastocysts grown in vitro

in Reproduction

Summary. An immunohistochemical technique using a high specificity antiserum against baboon CG was used to demonstrate the presence of a CG-like material on: (1) fixed baboon placental sections collected between 31 and 39 days of gestation, (2) trophoblast monolayers derived from hatched embryos grown in vitro for 15 days and (3) trophoblast cells derived from cells dispersed from placentae collected between Days 31 and 39 of pregnancy. A specific radioimmunoassay was used to detect concentrations of baboon CG in daily spent medium. Immunohistochemical studies showed that material cross-reacting with CG was present on all the three sources of trophoblast. The embryos secreted CG from attachment onwards and immunoactive CG was measurable in daily spent medium collected from placenta-derived trophoblast cultures. It is concluded that baboon CG is localized in the syncytiotrophoblast of fixed placental sections and cellular trophoblast derived from cultured embryos and placental cells.

Keywords: baboon; trophoblast; chorionic gonadotrophin; immunochemistry

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