Effects of growth hormone and hypophysectomy of pregnant rats on serum concentrations of pregnancy-associated murine protein-1

in Reproduction

Summary. Continuous infusion of bovine GH to hypophysectomized non-pregnant rats increased serum concentrations of pregnancy-associated murine protein-1 (PAMP-1) to the levels of adult female rats and pregnant rats. Serum concentrations of PAMP-1 were followed from Day 16 of gestation until 3 days after parturition in hypophysectomized (on Day 14 of gestation) and intact pregnant rats. In the intact pregnant rat there was a decrease in PAMP-1 values from Day 16 until delivery. The serum concentrations of PAMP-1 in hypophysectomized pregnant rats were similar to those in intact pregnant rats before parturition, but PAMP-1 concentrations decreased markedly after parturition in the hypophysectomized rats.

We suggest that the serum concentrations of PAMP-1 can be maintained without pituitary GH in late pregnancy, while serum values of PAMP-1 in non-pregnant rats is dependent upon a continuous secretion of pituitary GH.

Keywords: pituitary; hypophysectomy; pregnancy; growth hormone; pregnancy-associated murine protein-1; rat

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