Ovulation, fertilization and early embryonic development in the bitch (Canis familiaris)

in Reproduction

Summary. Using circulating plasma hormone estimations, ovulation was monitored in bitches. The results obtained indicate that the timing of ovulation bears little relationship to alterations in sexual behaviour. The bitches were killed and reproductive tracts were removed at various intervals after ovulation and ova or embryos were recovered. The embryo stages were assessed visually and some were investigated histologically. Embryonic development, to early blastocyst stage, took place within the oviducts during the first 12 days after ovulation and there was a marked increase in size between the early and late blastocyst. A culture system using cells from the uterine tube supported the development of one 1-cell embryo to the morula stage.

Keywords: bitch; ovulation; fertilization; embryonic development


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